A Few Words About Crafts

Kids love to create. Making something with your own hands is a wonderful way to learn and can be a great source of pride. Creating something together — child and parent or grandparent — is also a marvelous way to connect.

Having a craft box handy will ensure that you are ready when the opportunity presents itself. Fill your craft box with bits of whatever you think your particular kid(s) will want to create with. Fabrics, wood, ribbon, twine or rope, foam, glue, tape, cardboard and paper, you name it.

A good commercial craft kit is another way to create and connect. There are lots of brands out there, so choose wisely. Think about the right craft subject for the kid you care about. Find a kit that’s well thought out.

Craft kits are a terrific gift. Give one to a child and work on it together. Or send it to a distant child and look forward to a photo or video chat about the finished product. Even from afar you’ll be connecting with someone who matters.

You both will enjoy the results!

Roger Bildsten