Climate Reality

It’s ok to debate climate policy but it is time to stop denying climate science. Climate change is real and it will have a big impact on the lives of our grandchildren.

The fossil fuel industries spend lots of money trying to confuse you about what carbon emissions are doing to the planet. This includes most of the U.S. auto industry and of course the businesses build around extracting oil, coal, and so-called “natural gas” which is just a marketing name for methane.

Technologies to replace the burning of fossil fuels are now mainstream. The internal combustion engine is obsolete and even smart companies built on the internal combustion engine are moving fast to electric vehicles. A solid majority of American commuters could accomplish all of their driving via batteries only in a hybrid vehicle. Wind and solar power are fast becoming the most efficient way to generate electricity.

You let your grandchildren down if you don’t act. Vote out politicians who deny climate reality or who drag their feet on climate action for money or political gain. Oppose the building of any more fossil fuel infrastructure. Clean up your own act by moving to hybrid/electric transportation. I’m not there yet but that’s where I’m headed!

Your grandkids are watching and you owe them a healthier planet than we are giving them today.

Our WorldRoger Bildsten