Get Out!

It’s winter. Get your kids outside but spend a little time making sure they’re dressed for it so they — and you — can enjoy it. (If you’re already outdoorsy skip this post. If not, read on!)

Get kids the best gear you can afford. It will fit better and be easier to put on and take off. It will do what it’s supposed to do — keep them warm and dry. When it’s outgrown you can donate or sell it. Another kid needs it. This is a good time (after the holidays) to find deals so you can even plan ahead and buy some items for next winter.

Think layers. A next-to-skin base layer that wicks moisture is where you start. Then an insulation layer or two for warmth. Top it off with a shell if the weather is wet or windy. Get a hat that fits and stays on. Try a balaclava! (So uncool it might be cool.) Make sure they can see. Gloves and mittens are always tough so test lots of pairs to find the right size and a style that won’t fall off when your child is doing what she wants to do. If their hands get cold, they’ll come inside. Boots need to fit and be easy to put on.

Children playing outside in cold weather are usually moving around. That activity helps keep them warm but they can get cold when the play slows down. Think like a mountaineer or skier. Think layers. Make it easy to get the play clothes on — and get them outside!

Classic PlayRoger Bildsten