It’s already cold here in Minneapolis. About 15F/-10C tonight. If you’re taking kids outside in the winter — and I hope you are — you need the right stuff. I highly recommend the Patagonia Down Sweater. For you and the kids.

By now I’ve probably purchased 7 or 8 of them. For lots of reasons. Patagonia’s down sweater is the original. No corners cut on the adult or kid sizes. They’re the same, except that the kid version inside label has multiple lines for writing your name with permanent marker. Why? Because they are so reliable you can hand ‘em down to the next kid. And they keep their value so when it’s time for a new size you can recycle by selling or donating.

The down sweater is car seat safe. The zipper works. The collar keeps the cold out. Cuffs are uncomplicated. The colors are fun. You can move in it. Keeps kids — and you — warm so you can get outside. Highly recommended!

Roger Bildsten