Your Library

Just like a recent post about dressing well for cold weather, when I said that if you’re already outdoorsy you need read no further — if you’re already a steady user of your public library you need read no further. Instead, go to the library.

Take a minute to realize what a great resource your local library is. I know you have one. Get a library card and use it. Make a visit to check the place out. Talk to a librarian. They will help you. For free.

Best of all, sign up for online access. You can reserve books. Really! Saw an article about a book that might be interesting for you? Go online and reserve it. You might have to wait a bit for it to become available but what fun when it shows up. Free.

Do you read on a Kindle or other device? Your library will have digital books. Lots of ‘em. Download without even going to the library. All free.

Maybe best of all, take a kid to the library. Be a hero. Free.

Your library is a really good thing. Enjoy.

Roger Bildsten