What might it Cost to work with you?

For most engagements I charge a reasonable daily fee plus normal business travel expenses. (I can make fee adjustments for organizations that might not be able to otherwise afford my work.) I am available to travel worldwide.

The blog is fun. Do you accept sponsors?

Posts are not sponsored and all opinions are my own. The blog is kind of new, so please check in often for updates or subscribe here. My posts are eclectic, I know. They’re addressed to both grownups and organizations. I hope you enjoy!

can you tell me how roger bildsten and grandgrandparent and hip hooray llc are related?

Sure. Hip Hooray LLC, of which Roger Bildsten is sole owner and founder, is the registered parent company of Grand Grandparent and its related activities, inclusive of copyright and trademarks, including the Grand Grandparent logo.


Are you an expert?

Sort of. I’m still learning about being a good parent and grandparent — and I wouldn’t dare try to tell anybody how to do it. Promise. But I do know quite a bit about the design, production, marketing, and distribution of quality products for kids. And few people have done more to study the impact of grandparents on business organizations that serve kids. I’m still finding ways to help organizations apply this grandparent knowledge and I learn more every day.

Are you a grandparent yourself?

Yes! I am the proud father of two grown daughters and I have granddaughters and grandsons.

Can we talk?

With pleasure! Just click here and I’ll get right back to you.