Working With Roger Bildsten


Roger Bildsten founded Hip Hooray LLC in 2007

Roger Bildsten founded Hip Hooray LLC in 2007

Large gatherings, small groups, keynotes, conferences, roundtables, podcasts, webinars — I can help your organization see new ways to understand the grandparent opportunity. Presentations include deep dives into how you may better serve this affluent market and how you can become a critical component in the grandparent community.


Whether you serve kids as senior management or as part of a product team the workshop environment is a marvelous way to hone your grandparent strategy. Workshops can be half or full day and lead to a customized approach to enhancing your performance.

Panels and Focus Groups

Get into the heads of your grandparent customers by understanding what’s important to them. Panel sessions and focus groups can address a broad variety of topics and lead to terrific insights. Services can range from identifying desired panel makeup to defining formats and outcomes and of course to moderating — the fun part, because you never really know what might happen!

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